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He has made everything beautiful in its own time.  Ecclesiastes 3:11          


May Self-Care Series

Life is stressful and we are certainly living in stressful times. While God created our bodies to be able respond to stressful situations in order to return us back to safety, we were not created to carry stress for long periods of time. Due to the Covid Pandemic, we've been forced to navigate additional stress on a regular basis which is why it is imperative that we counter our body's stress response with regular self-care practices. Self-care practices return our minds, bodies and spirits to an integrated and more balanced state where we can then thrive as God intended us to.

"When we rest, we declare our trust in God’s ability to provide. We are admitting that everything doesn’t depend on us." Unknown

Self-care practices that bring rest, relaxation and re-calibration differ from person to person. For this reason, HYCTs Self-Care Sunday Series will explore a variety of self-care practices each week including meditation, breathwork, yoga, aromatherapy, and journaling. In addition, you will be invited to HYCT's Private Self-Care Group where you will receive additional video meditations, helpful tips, reminders, community and additional encouragement and support.

This series will take place in person at the HYCT studio. There will be added ventilation and you will be asked to bring your own yoga mat, blanket, blocks and straps. All other supplies such as personal essential oils, journals and other series materials will be supplied.

Space is limited, please register by April 30th to secure your spot.

Series Tuition: $100 + CT sales tax.