Beverly Steiger*, MPH, C-HYI-500, C-HYT-300, E-RYT-200, YACEP  (HYCT Founder, *Certified Master Holy Yoga Instructor, Holy Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)


                                         Beverly is a Master Holy Yoga Instructor,  health educator and Teacher Trainer for Holy Yoga Global. She has been a student of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for over                                                 20 years. In 2012, Beverly felt called to merge her background in public health education and family ministry to promote holistic wellness and was the first to                                                   bring the practice of Holy Yoga to Connecticut. Over the next three years her Holy Yoga ministry grew to several churches in CT and NY. Her dream to someday                                               open a Christian-inspired Community Wellness Yoga studio where people could come, free of judgement or denomination labels to connect with God while                                                     getting healthy and whole became a reality in October 2015 with the opening of Holy Yoga of Connecticut, LLC in her hometown of New Fairfield, CT. The                                                         opportunity to serve all ages in her community with holistic yoga and wellness is both and honor and a blessing.

                                         While Beverly has practiced many different styles of yoga over the years, never has her soul been touched,  healed and uplifted as when practicing Holy Yoga.                                                 Holy Yoga brings Mark 12:30 to life, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength".


Beverly's certifications include: 300-hour Holy Yoga Therapeutic Yoga Instructor (HYT); 500-hour Master Holy Yoga Instructor (M-HYI); Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-200); PiYO Live! Instructor; Thai Yoga Massage Levels 1 & 2, Certified Holy Yoga Instructor - 225 hr (C-HYI), Holy Yoga Touch (HYT) which incorporates massage and touch techniques into Holy Yoga classes; Holy Yoga Christian Leadership and Teacher Trainer (T3) ; Holy Yoga w/ Weights (HYW); Holy Yogalates (HYL), Trauma Sensitive Holy Yoga (TSHY) and Holy Yoga Yin Levels 1 and 2.

 Toni Maconi*, OFS, C-HYI 500, E-RYT-200, C-HYI-95, YACEP  (HYCT Co-Founder, *Certified Master Holy Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) 


                                        Toni took her first yoga class in 2008 and received her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga certification at Yoga Culture in Danbury in 2014. She then completed her 95-hour                                                training with Holy Yoga, and teamed up with Beverly Steiger to open Holy Yoga of Connecticut, LLC. She sees herself as a teacher offering yoga as a unique gift to                                            each student, and a chance to have them draw closer to God. She has 2 certifications in chair yoga, and is also trained to teach restorative yoga. In 2017, she                                                    completed the Holy Yoga Masters Program (300 hours) and has recently achieved her EYT-200  status, having taught 1,000 hours. Toni sees yoga as a source of                                                calmness and peace, and it has taught her how to stay focused. The values she holds dear — nonviolence, truthfulness, integrity, moderation, kindness, compassion                                          — are all values instilled in her as a child and embraced as a Secular Franciscan. Yoga deepens all these beliefs. She sees herself as a teacher offering yoga as a                                              unique gift, and it can be anything the recipient wants it to be. She offers it with love, gratitude, generosity and a full heart. “Not all of us can do great things, but                                              we can do small things with great love” — Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Small things, great love — this is how she lives her life, this is how she lives her yoga.

Kim Lubus, (Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor)

                                      Kim's strong faith and love of Christ instantly drew her to teaching group fitness classes at HYCT in 2015.  A loving wife and mother of two, Kim is genuine,                                                      authentic and always willing to help others.  Kim has many years organizing programs in family ministry and has been teaching group fitness classes in New                                                  Fairfield for many years. She is well known and loved. Kim's Revelation Wellness classes are not only effective, always new and fun, but authentically faith-filled.                                                You'll literally work out your faith with Kim. No two classes are the same. 





Barbara Kenney*, C-HYI 500, C-HYT 300, RYT-200, C- HYI 95 (*Certified Master Holy Yoga Instructor)


                                      (Bio coming soon) 

Sarah Maasik,* C-HYI (*Certified Holy Yoga Instructor)

                                      Sarah, received her 225 R-HYI certification in November 2018 after starting her yoga journey in January 2018 with a restorative class at HYCT. She has a passion for                                            meditating and getting closer to God through yoga and prayer. Sarah deeply enjoys the meditative qualities from a strong yoga practice and delights in sharing this                                        with her community. In balancing a busy life, she found the crucial piece is yoga for clarity and energy. Sarah is also a  FAA certified Helicopter pilot and instructor i                                        in addition to a FAA Licensed dispatcher. Being a proud mom of two wonderful boys, she loves getting them involved in aviation.  They often help her practice yoga                                        at home while providing inspiration for yoga classes through their eyes. Sarah's class style is upbeat, trying to find the joy in every class, with a music focus. She is                                          also very active in bringing DoTerra oils into her life and others for better well being, as well as bringing oils into her yoga classes to enhance the experience.




Maryann Ness*, RYT-200, C-HYI 100 (*Certified Holy Yoga Instructor)

                                      Maryann accepts that life is a constant process of growth and change and that we are all on this earth journey together. Retired from a career in special education                                          and now teaching yoga, Maryann wishes to share her expertise in individualizing instruction according to specific needs. As a lifelong educator, Maryann is                                                    passionate about assisting others on this journey of wellness and contentment. She has always been drawn to helping individuals who are seeking emotional                                                  balance in the midst of life's challenges.

                                      One of Maryann's greatest joys was being supervisor of special education at a large high school for many years. While in this role, she nurtured a vision of                                                      inclusion for ALL students. Maryann is still interested in helping ALL individuals support their bodies, hearts, minds and souls through the utilization of qualities                                              that she believes are intrinsic in all of us. Maryann believes that the human race is not a competitive event and thus, strives to create a sense of community, caring                                          and kindness in each and every yoga class that she guides. Join Maryann for a gentle and peaceful practice.

Todd Rice, RYT-200

                                      Todd took his first yoga class at age 11 when his mother started bringing him to her classes. Although he dragged his feet there initially, he quickly got into this                                                 ‘yoga stuff’ finding it liberating and yet relaxing. He practiced yoga intermittently through the years. He had been a very hyperactive child until learning both yoga                                           and the piano. Yoga and, three years later meditation, colored and balanced his life to such a degree that he shared it with friends and anyone interested. In fact he                                         formally taught meditation weekly for 8 years in New York City. Additionally, he discovered that whenever his body had aches, e.g. lower back or other problem, 15                                           minutes of yoga was a panacea. Since 2008 Todd has maintained a continuous practice. Todd completed teacher training to earn his RYT-200 at Yoga Culture in                                               March 2019.

                                       Yoga is for everyone, Todd believes. In his classes he aims for a climate of friendly, open acceptance; inviting participants to explore quality of movement, flexibility,                                         and an inner sense of well being.