Currently most HYCT classes are virtual with the exception of our Outdoor classes

due to the COVID-19 situation. 


Our Holy Yoga Certified instructors are ministry-minded and care deeply for all who enter our doors. We strive to offer diverse classes to meet the differing interests, needs and abilities of our community. The focus of all our offerings is to support you in your connection with God resulting in holistic wellness. Our instructors are trained to gently guide you through your moving mediation with truth, kindness, non-judgement, acceptance and love.  



BALANCED VINYASA - (ALL LEVELS) Students are guided through a slow moving full body flow providing more space, focus, awareness, alignment, centering and presence. 

CARDIO KICKBOXING - (ALL LEVELS) Students are guided through a super fun, full body workout incorporating a variety of  accessible kicks and punches to increase heartrate, balance and agility and core strength. Class ends with cooling stretches on the mat. Clear a space in your home, grab a water and towel and get ready to have some fun!

CHAIR YOGA - (GENTLE) Chairs are utilized in this specialty class to bring the great joy of Holy Yoga to people of all ages and abilities through physical worship, breath and mediation. Great for those returning to their practice from injury.

ENERGIZING VINYASA  - (INTERMEDIATE) An athletic, breath-guided practice incorporating creative, intentional, dynamic sequences to advance your practice and help you create a balanced mind, body and spirit.  Arm balances and inversions explored. Not for those brand new to yoga, or with shoulder injuries; at least one year of regular yoga practice recommended. 


FAMILY YOGA SERIES - A fun virtual series designed for kids to enjoy yoga with a parent or caregiver.

GENTLE HATHA YOGA - (ALL LEVELS) Gentle, traditional poses are introduced in non-traditional ways to allow you to access poses and mindfulness to bring your heart closer to God. Perfect for those brand new to yoga or those who want to gently move and breath and have their being in Christ.

GROUNDING VINYASA - (ALL LEVELS) A slow paced yoga practice incorporating grounding, yin and/or restorative poses while utilizing props to restore the body and soul.  Great for those returning from injury. 

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - (aka Body Rolling)

In this guided class you will utilize various tools and techniques to release tension and stiffness in the deep tissue of your upper body and or lower body due to injury, repetitive movement or lack of movement. Gentle stretching is added to aide in re-hydrating and lengthening the deep tissue. Change your tissue, change your life!

PILATES SERIES- (ALL LEVELS) This mat based class will guide you toward toning and sculpting major muscle groups. 


OUTDOOR VINYASA - (ALL LEVELS)  Classical yoga postures synchronized with the breath focusing on strength, alignment and perseverance. This class is offered outdoors on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 am  with social distancing. 

RESTORATIVE YIN YOGA - (ALL LEVELS) The perfect antidote for those with active lifestyles, this slow-paced practice holds poses for five minutes or more to draw more energy to a needed space or dispel energy from a place where too much has accumulated to reach the fascia and tendons affecting the deep connective tissue that is not usually accessed in faster paced classes. 

TONE & SCULPT - (ALL LEVELS) A high energy, full body workout using hand-weights and functional fitness exercises designed to increase strength, endurance and mobility. Prepare to sweat. Light hand-weights and a water are suggested.

WOMEN'S SOUL CARE CIRCLE - (ALL WELCOME) Enjoy coffee, tea and pastries in community while being guided through various spiritual disciplines that help you grow closer to God.