We are deeply grateful to everyone for supporting our studio (small business) during COVID-19 social distancing. 

We cannot survive without your support.

Please consider supporting our small studio by signing up for our Sweet 16 Auto-Renew Pass.
Get up to 16 classes per month at only $8 per class, PLUS a video library of HYCT classes
you can take anytime paid monthly for 12 months.  
Please REGISTER FOR ALL CLASSES at least 60 minutes in advance.
Please sign up for classes as far in advance as possible. It makes it difficult for our teachers to plan their classes when people wait to the last minute to sign up. In general, classes with less than 6 people signed up are at risk of being cancelled.
A link to connect to each live (on-line) virtual class will be e-mailed to all who are registered 10 minutes before the start of classes. 
Click instructions for virtual classes button below for more information on how to join on-line, virtual classes.
May God Bless & Protect You and Your Families!
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